10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (2023)

The immense success and the popularity ofFive nights in Freddy brought many bi products such as whiskey, figures, books andespeciallySpin-off games of fans of the start horror game series.Five nights in Freddy Fan games have become the most popular spin-offs of every game series, with the great time, creativity and effort by enchanting them and impressing many target groups.

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Some of these fan games were published by the firstFive nights in Freddy,And others have scary mechanics and graphics that have not yet been published.Only it requires a fascinating concept and a terrible recovery of classic animatronics (or better and even better, completely new animatronics and characters) to generate enthusiasm for one of these fan games in the base of fan games, the characters or gameplay -Style ofFive nights in Freddy.

10/10A night at Flumty's

10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (1)

A night at Flumty's(Developed by Jonochrome) is a cartoon approach for the gameplay style ofFive nights in Freddy.In contrast to the original series ,,A night at Flumty's- Right for your name - it only happens over a night.The footprint?It is becoming increasingly difficult for the player to survive than night marches.

The player has to survive until 6:00 a.m. and Bumpy Flumpty and his friends like the birthday girl, the boy avoid the clown.Five nights in FreddyFashion, if the player cannot fend off the threatening cartoon characters, he will be welcomed with an unpleasant heel.

9/10Pop Go

10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (2)

Pop GoIt is definitely a mandatory game for those who panic the breathtaking panic to manage different tasks at the same timeFive nights in FreddyPlay in creating your tradition.

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Pop GoIt happens a year after the fire, which burned the fright of Fazbear and takes place in a new successor in the Pizza chain, which is once popular, the Popkees Pizzeria.The protagonist takes on the role ofThe new night watch for PizzeriaJust to slowly recognize that the spirit behind the new establishment and its technology, Fritz, did not build a pizzeria for customers or the recipe ... He set it upeven.

8/10These nights at Rachel's

From the creator of the incredibly terribleJoy of creationeJoy of creation: rebornNikson also developed the charming and disturbingThese nights at Rachel.OriginalFive nights at Freddy's, these nights at Rachel'sHe asks the players to monitor the creepy animatronics as they roam and try to enter the office in which the protagonist lives.

These nights at Rachel ,,Remarkably, it has a whole new series of animatronics.By replacing the beloved Freddy, the beautiful beautiful revenge makes the rabbit and her friends Bane, Doug, Ray and Pete.

7/10Fredbears anxiety

10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (4)

Similar to the plot ofFive nights at Freddy's 3,Fredbears anxietyIt occurs long after Freddy's original chain was closed by Freddy Fazbear.In the homage to the dark story of Pizzeria, a new horror attraction begins to open their doors so that guests experience the dark history of the conversation.Brought back to life for reasons of authenticity.It couldn't go wrongTo the right?

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Fredbears anxietyIt was originally published by Garrett McKay's creative spirit in 2017.The game has received some updates and other teaser since new characters have been added since then.Secrecy, Rare canvases and more.

6/10Five nights at Candy's

10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (5)

Five nights at Candy'sIt is considered one of the classicsFive nights in FreddyFan games.Initially increased a little less than a year after the first oneFive nights in FreddyStarted a shock wave in the game industry,Five nights at Candy'sIt tells the story of a new pizzeria that replaced Freddy's tragic discharge.

Developed by Emil "Ace" Macko,Five nights at Candy'sDon't just stop in his first publication.Finally there are two sequences (with a third in the works) in the game as well as a remastered version of the originalFive nights at Candy.


10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (6)

Attonbuilt(Developed by jeliliam) It is a refreshing view of the events that happen with the fire that destroyed the fright of Fazbear inFive nights at Freddy's 3.The player takes on the role of a protagonist who is simply referred to as "The Mechanic" and who threatens to build the founder of Pizzeria's notorious franchise, William Affon, to build a new animatronic body so that he is under his living with oneAnother life can turn.

The gameplay ofAttonbuiltThis distinguishes it from the majorityFive nights in FreddyFan games.After the doors have been closed and can simply avoid or store the animatronicsAttonbuilt.

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4/10Joy of creation: history mode

10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (7)

ÖJoy of creationFan plays are a dark and fourth wall of the creation ofFive nights in FreddyI when.Joy of creation: history mode,In particular, players bring the players instead ofScott Cawthonand your family while you celebrate the second anniversary of the first partyFive nights in Freddy.

Except that it is not the success of the beloved horror game that knocks on her door on her birthday, it is the burned animatronics of the start series itself. The player should try to keep the Cawthon family alive while he survives and unveiled it at nightSecrets in your own home.Five nights in FreddySerie.


10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (8)

AlegreMay seem a little familiar to the players who are familiar with the Real -Life Restaurant Jollibee.BeforeAlegre,This series ofFive nights in FreddyFan plays were each referred toJollibee's: Phase 1, 2 und 3Infat, the similarities with the Real -Life restaurant were a little too close to comfort, since the original games had to be removed due to the copyright violation.

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Ivang, the developer of the Fan Games, saw how well the first games were preservedgoods and so createdAlegre.The game plays in the same classicFive nights in FreddyFormat, but with the addition of a generator that transports the energy in the building, and an elevator that the player can control.So far there are three terrible diagrams inAlegreSeries with a fourth place on the way.

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2/10Five nights in Treasure Island

10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (9)

This game is a mandatory game forEvery fan of Creepypasta Leave from Disney(Written by Slimebeast).Five nights in Treasure IslandIt is an official restart of the brightness team one of the firstFive nights in FreddyFan plays, originally created by Anart1996.

Five nights in Treasure IslandIn the following, a university student, Jake Smith, takes place in his new recruitment for the Association for Supernatural Studies.go back,DisneyTreasure Island and collects data on supernatural events there.The protagonist (and player) is uncomfortably surprised when he realizes that they are far from being alone in this abandoned resort.


10 of the most popular FNAF fan games (10)

JRsDiscover a style surprisingly similar to Battington'sFive nights in FreddyVhs.This frightening vintage style aims to simulate what the four original animatronics would look like if their designs of the timeline of the 80s were loyalJRsA success that is in the fan game community for successFive nights in Freddy.

Even thoughJRsIt has not yet been published, its graphics and concept have created more hype than some fully polished and published fan games.Sometimes the regular horror game showed and click, click.JRsIt is referred to as the "general research game", in which different vintage animatronics become every night and the player has to find information in order to remove which animatronics are pursuing and which are not.

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