Cast Freddy (Season 1-3) (2023)

Molten Freddy is an animatronic bear and has been the park's owner since Bryan's death.


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Molten Freddy is a tangle of threads and has an appearance similar to Ennard from the Canon FNaF games. Originally encountered at the openings of Bryan's first pizza place, he was the antagonist of TheFamousFilms' FNaF series until his alleged death. When he returned in the second season, set at Freddy-Land amusement park, he became an ally of Bryan and his animatronic friends.


Molten Freddy is a mass of threads that has taken on a humanoid body shape. His face resembles that of an animatronic bear model, similar to that of rock star Freddy. However, unlike Rockstar Freddy, Molten Freddy's faceplates are mostly white, appearing brown only in the center of his snout. His first model had orange eyes, the one on the right was out of place. In his latest model, he now has a red eye on the left and a blue eye on the right. There are also eyes scattered with threads throughout the rest of his body, all of different colors and sizes. Although he doesn't usually wear actual clothing, he does have a few outfits that he has worn throughout the series. The only clothes he always wears are a pink top hat and matching pink bow tie.

Ice outfit

One of the most iconic outfits Molten has worn is her ice cream parlor uniform. This outfit consists of a white t-shirt, a pink striped vest and white pants. He also wears his usual pink top hat, along with a slightly larger pink bow tie.

Skills, Abilities and Items

Abilities: Molten Freddy's intelligence is greater than most, which has helped him when working with the portal's timer and the portal itself. He is also very observant, picking up on small details that most others would overlook or ignore. In addition to his intelligence and powers of observation, he is also exceptionally good at sneaking around. During his time at Bryan's first pizzeria, he often used vents as his primary form of travel and hiding place.

Abilities: Molten Freddy is one of the strongest animatronics in Fazbear Entertainment. Originally it was solid steel, then rebuilt with titanium, then rebuilt again with tungsten. That strength and tough metals also made it extremely durable. He is also a fast runner, rivaling the speed of Twisted Wolf and Twisted Bonnie. Not only can he run fast, but he can jump much higher than the average animatronic and jump greater distances. He overcame high fences with one great leap and even accidentally managed to get off the ground to the top of a nearby building.

Items: Portal Timer: Molten already had a portal timer in Season 1, which he used to control the portal to get to the mini-games. The portal timer was taken from him by A.I. Afton and buried outside the pizzeria. Molten obtained his old portal timer and used it to attempt to close the portal. He made a fake in case Bryan tries to catch him. The real one was destroyed after Molten broke it, but Molten took another one from another place, but it was taken by Otso after an argument.



Bryan (Staffel 1-3)- Molten's relationship with Bryan got off to a rocky start when Molten tried to kill him and his friends to please Afton. Bryan was always suspicious of Molten and never listened to anything he said. Molten began to change with Lefty's help, and during Afton's endgame, Molten stated that he didn't want anyone to die and that he had already lost to too many people. Since he was dying or Lefty and Bryan, Lefty broke the glass over the lava and Molten fell. Molten almost died but was saved by Jon and reunited with Bryan and the other animatronics a few months later. Bryan confided in Molten and the two became friends. Molten saved Bryan's life when he discovered that the Funtime Foxy was a bomb, giving Bryan enough time to escape and the blast did no harm to Bryan. Molten almost died, but Bryan saved his life and Molten began to respect him. Molten wanted to sacrifice himself for Bryan and Baby, but before Molten was shot by Glitchtrap, Bryan jumped in front of him and died saving his life. Molten felt an obligation to save Bryan even after he was declared brain dead. Molten turned him into an animatronic and accidentally created Showtime Steve. Molten still finds ways to give Bryan full control of his suit, even if it means getting rid of Steve in the process.

left-handed- Lefty was Molten's closest and best friend and knew almost everything about him. After Molten killed Jupber, Jon went to the pizzeria and ripped off one of Lefty's arms, driving Molten insane. Molten attempted to fix it before even attempting to fix himself when Jon attacked him as well. He accidentally ripped off Lefty's other arm and felt very bad about it. He ended up fixing it thanks to Derpy Chan. Molten led Lefty into Springtrap's deathtrap and made sure that no matter what button Bryan pressed, Lefty always stayed alive. Later, Lefty killed Molten as it was the only way for Lefty and Bryan to escape. He later came back thanks to Jon and he and Lefty got together. Since Lefty mostly stayed in his laugh house due to the people Twisted killed, Molten let Lefty stay inside as it was safer. Molten wasn't able to see Lefty as often due to Glitchtrap killing people and problems with the portal's timer. After Bryan's death, Molten visited Lefty only to find his body. Molten got angry and killed Shadow Freddy and Twisted Wolf because of it.

Rock Star Freddy (Season 1-3)- Freddy and Molten really don't like each other since Molten says that Freddy turned him into a mindless killer. Freddy also murdered some of Molten's friends. Freddy was the one who taught Molten and then Ennard how to kill. Molten wanted to kill a few people with Freddy, but Freddy backed down at the last second, leaving Molten angry and upset. This ended their friendship and Molten went to work for Springtrap. Years later, Molten killed Freddy and showed no remorse for his former friend's murder. He repeatedly got angry when Freddy tried to communicate with Bryan and not him, stating his death was his own fault since he made Molten that way. During Springtrap's final game, Molten drowned in the lava and was presumed dead. Rock star Freddy came back to life to kill Springtrap and save Bryan, but also died. A copy of Freddy was made and he became close friends with Lefty. Molten then returned to the theme park thanks to Jon and Freddy kept his distance as he distrusted him. After Freddy and Shadow were notified of Bonnie Bryan's death, Freddy stated that Molten hadn't done enough to save his friend. Freddy seemed worried for Bryan/Steve when he found out about Molten's attempts to get Bryan back.


Molten runs an ice cream parlor in Freddy Land

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