Glacier pass, Sawtooth pass + Big five lakes hiking loop (2023)

ThatMineralkönigThe Sequoia National Park of California offers hiking access to some of the most spectacular highlanders in Sierra.Several options for field hiking loop and several days in the King Valley Mineral.About 27 miles and combines the route that can be found through the country and along the trips are the path, the impressive alpine landscape and the high fishing in Sierra Lake, this walk is for you.

Start the ascent of 3,500 feet in the Schlicketoth Sendelhead after the signs of a sawtooth pass.This lower section of the path leads him to Groundhog Meadow and Monarch Creek.Tree line under Monarch Lakes.

Go on the way upMonarch LakesIn the direction of Sawtooth Pass.The official path goes out here, and the start of the Sawtooth passport and the glacier passport then go north to the glacier pass, the low point at the coat of arms between Empire Mountain and Sawtooth Pass.Glia Pass is a third escalation of the class thatof which can be easily navigated in good condition.

From the Glacier Pass descends through the country through Prados Alpos and Bristlecone Pine to Spring Lake.Ellija between a large amount of astonishing intersection in Spring Lake, along with a little decent fishing for small trout.Here you will mainly catch gold trout of the rainbow and California in the 6 -inch range.The National Park Service stored hundreds of Höhenseen until 1988 when they decided to change the guideline and end their storage program.

After a night in Spring Lake, drive the Way of the Cross to the Black Rock Pass Trail and amount to 1,500 feet to the crotch.As soon as the Black Rock Pass has reached, it is stopped in the Great Western Division, the range that separates the pelvis Kaweah, the core of the core flows south.The view of the east looks 13,000 feet through large Arroy.The path from the pass ends through rocky information to the small five lakes and pools of the five large lakes.Little Little Little.Little Little.Five Lakes has a seasonal ranger station with established campsites and bear boxes.You will probably be alone in Big Five Lakes.If you have time and are open to add a few miles to your trip, you should explore the small five and large five.Lake area.Fishing can be good in these lakes.The or two error -like is bit.

Leave the five large five lakes, walk south along the way through the lodge poles and the red forest of the fir trees, while you descend 9,600 feet at the crossbar with Lost Canyon.The Trail Canyon Lost Canyon West and leaves the forest and leaves the forest in the direction of the box real canyon.The ideal scenario of the steep and carved granite wall for the last night.Frutruta de la size of this high playground, while Sawtooth Peak is watching her.

The last climb of the loop leads him to the Sawtooth passport.Monte Whitney(On a clear day) You will be enjoyed from here.How showed.

Additional comments:

Some important comments about the mineral king:

  • Crossing permissions and bears for night trips are required in the Sequoia National Park.BOS are available in the main months (June to September) at the King Ranger Mineral Station.Outside the ranger station and can be rented in numerous outdoor units in Visalia, Fresno and in other places.I was ready to see the Rangers because they are outside and on the ways.
  • The marmotas have thrown a serious problem for some unfortunate hikers who park their cars at the end of spring and in the summer months on the because of the mineral king of the Sequoia National Park.It is known that you crawl in engine departments and chew everything from electrical wiring to the hoses that deactivate some vehicles.It is believed that this happens until later in the summer due to the lack of salt content in the Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Natural Salz content, and the threat seems to decrease according to Mid -Mid -Julio.The hikers in this glacier pass, Sawtooth Pass + Big Five Lakes Loop, can avoid this possible problem, regardless of this, it is in a canvas diaper that contributes to marmoting the engine compartment through the fountain of increasing bikes.For the last method, you need a canvas that is large enough to wrap the canvas on the wheel bores around the entire vehicle.A steep diaper shape with a cord or rope.


Hello guys, I want to make this way with my two best friends.In the second week of 11/15.I am looking for suggestions where I can buy our National Park Pass and whether we have to have the passage of individual permits worth $ 20 per pop (60 US dollars for 3) in addition to our vehicle pass for 35 US dollars.In view of the advice or comments on the adventure, all advice or comments are welcome.

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I made this cycle in July 2018.It was absolutely impressive.
To take some things into account: When we said Ranger on the main door in our travel route, it was completely against the search for the Glacier Pass/Spring Lake Route.Apparently many people have this route here in the outdoor project and seen, and apparently try if they do not have the experience or preparation while traveling outside the way/in the snow.

He was very concerned and always mentioned the snow conditions of the glacier.

Return has several advantages:
1) The route takes you over a ranger station, shortly after the 5 Big 5 lake, he said we would not have a problem (he said he could say because of the fact that we knew what we were doing and we dida decent time).
2) The Black Rock Pass promotion is much shorter and easier in this way.The view from above is spectacular and leads me to number 3:
3) You can see the glacier pass from the tip of the Black Rock Pass.I had a few binoculars on myself and we could "explore" the pass.From the ranger updates we knew that there were 3 snow stains to cross.So we could.So we could identify it quickly and speak a lot incompletely we were able to end the loop through the wooden gap (which is apparently a great shit of a boring walk, but very safe compared to the glacier pass).
4) In my opinion, download the Glacier Pass much more than trying to find it and go down from the start.Let us break in the Spring Lake for our last night and go up the pass in the morning.We could completely avoid snow, but we had to make a decent rock that crawled for it.It would have been incomplete in bad weather, but we were lucky with a clear sky.100 foot of the passport, it will be steep.So close to vertical.Debid on our unusual route to reach the passport (borders on the snow).We find a whole tent and several bottles of nalges under the pass.Obviously people have people.Lost devices here try to climb/deploy the pass things of your packages (due to the inclination) and then went through the edge. Idea how technical this pass can be.

My friend grabbed the shop we discovered, we reported, but nobody claimed it, so he had to maintain a beautiful north face tent.

Marc Olivier Le Blanc

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We made this loop the other way around 10/16 last week.First night in Columbine Lake, second at Spring Lake.Everything is beautiful.We saw two days after Monarch Lakes #Goodimes.
The Glacier Pass becomes a bit complicated because there is snow.
We didn't have a GPS, but we have a paper topo card in the park.
A main note: The total net height profit is almost 7,300 feet.3,810 feet are mentioned in the PDF, which is just the first pass.
Have fun!

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How high is Sawtooth Pass? ›

It starts at 7,500 feet (2,300 m), is approximately 7 miles (10 km) round trip, and the route reaches a final elevation of 12,343 feet (3,762 m) at the peak.

How do I get to Precipice Lake? ›

The shortest route to Precipice Lake that I know of is to do an out and back trip on the High Sierra Trail starting from the Crescent Meadow Trailhead. This route is approximately 19 miles one way, or 38 miles round trip.

What is the highest pass in California? ›

White Mountain Road, reached on U.S. 395 and California 168, is said to be the highest motorable road in California. The highest paved road, though, is nearby Rock Creek Road, which climbs to 10,320 feet. Mt.

How many lakes are in Sawtooth National Forest? ›

The Wilderness is comprised of hundeds of jagged peaks, 50 over 10,000 feet in height, with nearly 400 high alpine lakes dotting the predominantly rocky terrain.

Which is harder beehive or Precipice Trail? ›

Compared to the Beehive Trail, Precipice is much longer and more challenging. Personally, when I hiked the Beehive Trail I was surprised at how quickly I made it to the top. I had expected many more ladders and drop-offs than I encountered.

Is Precipice Trail harder than Beehive? ›

Is Precipice Trail Harder Than Beehive Trail? Yes, the Precipice Trail is much harder than the Beehive Trail. The Beehive Trail is located only 500 feet up the mountain while the Precipice Trail is located 1000 feet up. The drop-offs on the Precipice Trail climb are much steeper and it goes for longer.

How difficult is Precipice Trail? ›

Rising over 1,000 feet in 0.9 miles, the Precipice Trail requires physical and mental strength. It is a rugged, non-technical climb with open cliff faces and iron rungs. Upon reaching the summit of Champlain Mountain, climbers are rewarded with impressive views.

What is the steepest pass in the US? ›

Slumgullion Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 3.528m (11,574ft) above the sea level, located in Hinsdale County, in the U.S. state of Colorado.
It's one of the steepest paved mountain passes of Colorado.
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4 more rows

What is the hardest hike in Southern California? ›

Mt. Whitney and Iron Mountain are the hardest hikes in California. Both of these hikes have 6,000 feet of gain and are very steep.

What's the steepest grade in California? ›

33% Grade.

Eldred Street has between a 33% grade and 33.3% grade over 400 feet, making it the steepest street in California and the third steepest in the United States.

Are there Grizzlies in the Sawtooths? ›

Gray wolves were reintroduced to central Idaho in the 1990s while grizzly bears have been extirpated from the area, and plans to reintroduce them have been abandoned. The Sawtooth National Recreation Area supports habitat for Canada lynx and wolverines, but there have been no recent sightings.

Are there moose in the Sawtooths? ›

BOISE – The Sawtooth National Recreation Area is a rugged Idaho wilderness full of gorgeous views as well as wildlife, from tiny birds and massive moose to predators like bears, wolves and elusive wolverines.

Are there wolves in the Sawtooths? ›

Wildlife: Elk and Mule Deer, Yellow Pine Chipmunks, Red Squirrels, Porcupines, Snowshoe Hares, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Weasel, Red Fox, Pine Marten, Lynx, Wolf, and Wolverine can be found.

What is the hardest hike in Acadia National Park? ›

The “Precipice” Trial (loop)

This is probably the most difficult hike in Acadia National Park and not for the faint of heart. So, precede with caution as you climb up this extremely steep cliff with narrow ledges. Precipice Trail has iron rungs, ladders, wooden bridges … and amazing views of Frenchman Bay.

What is the hardest trail in Glacier National Park? ›

Sperry Glacier Trail (16.4 miles/26.3 km)

Mountain goats abound along Sperry Glacier Trail, the most challenging hike in the Lake McDonald region of the park. This trek rises almost 5,000 feet (1524 m) in elevation, making it one of the more difficult day hikes in Glacier National Park.

What is the hardest hike in Utah? ›

1 most dangerous hike in Utah is Angels Landing in Zion National Park. It's also one of the most dangerous hikes in the U.S., according to With a series of switchbacks, hairpin turns, and rapid elevation gain, this is definitely not a hike for the faint-hearted.

What is the most difficult trail in the Grand Canyon? ›

With 11 miles of waterless exposure and trails just inches from deadly drops, Nankoweap Trail requires skill and nerve to hike.

What is the hardest mountain to hike in the US? ›

6 Difficult Mountains to Climb in the USA
  • 1 #1 Mount Washington, South Gully, Huntington Ravine Route.
  • 2 #2 Mount Rainier.
  • 3 #3 Mount Elbert.
  • 4 #4 Mount Longs Peak.
  • 5 #5 Mount Haleakala.
  • 6 #6 Mount Shasta.
  • 7 #7 Mount Hood.
  • 8 Why Is Mountain Climbing in the USA So Famous?

Is the Precipice Trail scary? ›

The Precipice Trail is notorious for being Acadia's most dangerous hike. Several people have fallen from the cliffs and died, so this trail is not to be underestimated. If you have a fear of heights or are traveling with children, skip this hike. And under no circumstances, do not hike the Precipice Trail in the rain.

How scary is Delicate Arch trail? ›

The final leg of this hike is a bit scary, but manageable if you are careful. The final 200 yards of trail to the Delicate Arch clings to the side of the cliff-face as it gently winds around a corner. There are no handrails and as you climb further up the drop below gets greater and greater.

What is the hardest hike? ›

Everest Base Camp (EBC) The Everest Base Camp Trek in the Himalayas in Nepal is one of the most famous and also, the hardest hikes in the world.

What is the highest point in Griffith Park? ›

Hike to Cahuenga Peak, the highest point in the park. Or take one of the popular routes to Mount Hollywood or an easy stroll through Fern Dell. And don't forget to visit the Griffith Observatory or Autry Museum while you're at it.

How high is Byers Peak? ›

This Wilderness also contains two glacial lakes, three major creek drainages and two peaks over 12,500 feet. The highest is Byers Peak with an elevation of 12,804 feet accessible via the Byers Peak Trail.

What is the hardest hike in Idaho? ›

BOISE (Idaho Statesman) — The Idaho Centennial Trail is easily Idaho's most difficult hike.

How hard is Alta Peak? ›

Reaching these amazing views involves a long, strenuous climb gaining almost 4,000-ft. in 6.9 miles. The great views start 2.8 miles into the hike as the trail passes through Panther Gap (8,450-ft.) and then follows a mile long traverse along the north wall of the Middle Fork Kaweah valley.

Are there mountain lions in Griffith Park? ›

He lived in Griffith Park since at least February 2012 until his final capture in December 2022. What made P-022 especially unique is that he somehow made his way into Griffith Park, the eastern flank of the Santa Monica Mountains, from the western side, where he was born to P-001 and an unknown female lion.

Are there bears in Griffith Park? ›

On Wednesday, Alberta Fish and Wildlife announced more bear sightings in Discovery Ridge and Griffith Woods Park, saying numerous black bears been sighted in the area, getting into unsecured compost and garbage bins.

What is the hardest hike in California? ›

Mt. Whitney and Iron Mountain are the hardest hikes in California. Both of these hikes have 6,000 feet of gain and are very steep.


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