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At the beginning of five nights in Freddy's campaign: Security Buech, players will have an intensive animatronic that acts as a day care center.Sundrop.ThirdIt takes control and players need to fight to survive.


For those who struggle to defeat Moandrop and escape from the center of the day care center, you will find some solid tips and tricks here to overthrow the scary animatronic and take off your more sunny counterpart.

Tripod Bass Help

Moandrop can be a complicated boss struggle, both because of general mechanics and because it is quite defective.The main objective isFind and turn on five electricity generatorsIt is around the game area.They are all on Playstone, so they don't have to worry about researching the area in the middle unless you use it to move quickly between the game structures.Fase the Moondrops EastestHe will simply walk his game colleagues in the open area, which means they probably don't even have to deal with him.

But if youto connect Three generatorsGiftMOANDROP will take place in phase 2Get red eyes and suddenly decide that he isReady to enter the game structureAt this point, it's practically a chance that he gets you or not.Chuck-e Cheese Night Rasteler through the arena.

The best strategy is alsoUse the first three generators as a planning phase.Moandrop will not enter Playstone if you reach your third generator and give you all the time in the world to draw your perfect race.You want to draw your perfect raceRemove the two generators that you hate to find pressure firstand thenClean the route between three, four and five generators.

With that in mind, it is good to know the general layout of Playstone and the generators.Three different sections for PlaystoneEveryone is connected, but can access the general recreation area.If you look away from the security switch at the beginning of the fight, you can see Playstone sections onlinks, DieTo the rightE noNo.The Left Playstone sectionA generator on the top floor.The right parts sectionA generator on the bottom floor.Playstone do Meio hasThree generators with one on the bottom floor and two on the upper floor.

Phase 2 Moandrop is really easier to manage when it is openTouch the kiss towers nearby as a distraction.Turn on the generator to Playstone on the leftEThe generator found Through the tunnel on the upper floor of Pedra do MeioThen go to the generatorThe upper floor of Pedra do Meio -Geg through the Blue Movie.Do itESo go down the blue and outdoor side.

You will want to go downThe front of the right play partEFollow the path on the bottom floor.The generator is on the left.If you keep following the way, yYou can leave a hole to the left that leads to the main area.Push and then run to thePlaystone do Meio Hinter inputThe last generator must be on the left if you follow the way.It is worth practicing the race during the Sundrop section or in the first phase of the moandop to make sure you have it.

If the flashlight is no longer on their way to safety, go to the security switch and use Freddy's thief season.

As soon as you activated all five generators, the meeting ends immediately. Therefore, don't worry when Moandop is on your tail.

Find more help?Look at ourFull procedure for the mission at 12:00or goWalkthrough HubFor practical damage.

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