Strong storms flooded streets and hit Dallas-Fort Worth with hail and strong winds (2023)

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Large hail, damaging winds andpossible tornadoeshit north texas and highways floodedanother round of severe stormsmoved to Thursday.

A tornado warning was in effect in parts of Dallas County for about a half hour as the storm continued to move into the eastern and southeastern parts of North Texas.

Sirens were activated throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.

The National Weather Service issued aflood warningfor parts of Dallas and Tarrant counties, which lasted until 8:15 pm. Videos posted online showed puddles of water on interstate highways as rain and hail peppered the region.

The weather service said it had received several reports of flooded roads in downtown Fort Worth and the North Richland Hills. Severe storm warnings were also in effect for most of the region in the late afternoon and expired at 8:15 pm. in Dallas County.

Multiple storm lines moved across north Texas, according to Monique Sellers, a meteorologist at NWS Fort Worth. Sellers said the weather service had received reports of hail measuring up to 3 inches. Near downtown Dallas, there were reports of small to penny-sized hail.

Autos of Dallas in Irving, which sells pre-owned luxury vehicles, suffered extensive damage during the storm as debris littered the parking lot.

Despite reports of flooding, no water rescues were reported to Dallas Fire-Rescue or MedStar during Thursday's storms.

Dallas Fire-Rescue responded to 39 accidents, 11 reports of downed service lines and seven incidents of flooding, according to Jason Evans, an agency spokesman.

Evans said two fires were reported during Thursday's storms in Far North Dallas and Old East Dallas. Residents reported that lightning caused the fires, he said.

MedStar, which operates in Tarrant County, has recorded 13 car accidents, including two rollovers. Crews transported five people to area hospitals in accidents that occurred during the storm, said Matt Zavadsky, a spokesman for MedStar.

White Settlement Police responded to a commercial truck that overturned during the storm, Christopher Cook, White Settlement Police Chief, said in a statement.cheep. Two people were in the truck when it overturned, he said, but they were not injured.

Showers and thunderstorms began to develop east of Interstate 35 around 8:00 am, but the weather service said a second batch of more severe storms occurred between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Strong storms flooded streets and hit Dallas-Fort Worth with hail and strong winds (1)

The NWS issued a tornado warning Thursday afternoon for most of North Texas, including Dallas, Tarrant, Collin and Denton counties. The clock expired at 20:00. for most of the region, except for some counties in the east and southeast, the weather service said.

Most of North Texas was below Level 3, or better,severe weather risk level, meaning that several severe storms were expected.

The initial round of showers and thunderstorms is developing in DFW. Some thunder and brief showers are possible. The serious threat is later today.#NBCDFWWTiempo

— Grant Johnston (@GrantJNBC5)March 16, 2023

The main danger was large hail, the size of a quarter or more, but winds above 40 mph and "a tornado or two" were also possible, the weather service said earlier in the day.

19:00. m.: Severely damaged Irving car dealership; More than 9 thousand Oncor customers in DFW without power

Autos of Dallas in Irving, a car dealership that sells used luxury vehicles, suffered extensive damage from the storm Thursday afternoon.

Debris was strewn across the parking lot and pieces of its outer walls and roof remained on the ground. Half of his store sign was upright: "from Dallas."

Videos posted on social media showed parts of the roof of a car in the parking lot.

David Mullins, general manager of the dealership, said the crew heard about the possibility of tornadoes forming right in front of them on State Highway 183.

He and his team recorded the storm on their phones, he said. At one point, the wind appeared to be turning, so he asked employees to go to the designated tornado shelter at the dealership.

“As soon as we walked in, that façade collapsed,” he said, referring to part of the destroyed ceiling. "As we were driving back, I looked up at the windows and they were blinking."

Mullins said "we are blessed" as no one at the dealership was injured.

Strong storms flooded streets and hit Dallas-Fort Worth with hail and strong winds (2)

As the storms continue to sweep across North Texas, just over 9,000 customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are without power, according to Oncor.

18:05 Storms cause delays on DART buses and trains

Dallas Area Rapid Transit said its bus and train passengers should expect delays due to bad weather in North Texas.

For those looking to travel on the Trinity Railway Express, DART said it will take time to resume regular scheduled service as trains return to normal operations.

DART previously said that an earlier tornado warning in the TRE service area would cause delays.

5 p.m. m.: Storms cause airline delays, cancellations; more possible storm lines NWS says

Airlines at DFW International Airport and Dallas Love Field announced cancellations and delays ahead of the storms on Thursday.The Federal Aviation Administrationrequested a stop at both Dallas airports due to storms.

From 4 pm. m., more than 300 flights were delayed at DFW airport, and 6% of flights were canceled. Fifty-six flights were delayed at Love Field and 7% of its flights were cancelled.

DART announced on Twitter that people traveling on the Trinity Railway Express lines, which travel between Dallas and Fort Worth, should expect delays due to the tornado warning in the area. The tornado warning for Tarrant County was lifted just before 4:45 pm, according to the NWS Fort Worth.

Monique Sellers, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth, said the agency has not confirmed any tornadoes in the Fort Worth area.

There were several reports of 3-inch hail in Parker County, including Mineral Wells and Weatherfod, Sellers said.

He said the storm that passed through Parker County in the late afternoon did not produce the same type of hail in Tarrant County, he said.

"We saw the hail threat fall as the storm moved eastward," added Sellers.

A second line of storms could bring winds of 60 mph and hail up to a quarter the size, Sellers said. And more storms are possible as the cold front moves into the area. Storm activity is expected to exit the Dallas area between 9 pm and 10 pm, she added.

"As the cold front rolls in, we may see an additional line of storms," ​​Sellers said.

4:20 pm 1:00 pm: Tornado warning in effect for parts of Tarrant County, including Fort Worth

A tornado warning is in effect for parts of Tarrant County, including Fort Worth, Arlington and the North Richland Hills.

Sirens went off in Arlington, the city's police department said in a tweet.

The weather service is urging residents in those areas to seek shelter now as the storm is capable of producing large hail and strong gusts of wind.

Tornado Warning including Fort Worth TX, Arlington TX and North Richland Hills TX until 5:00 PM. m.

— NWS Fort Worth (@NWSFortWorth)March 16, 2023

Compared to a clock, a warning is a much more urgent warning that requires people living in the area to seek shelter immediately.

3:45 PM 1:00 PM: Thunderstorm warning in effect for parts of Tarrant and Parker counties

The National Weather Service issued a storm warning for parts of Parker and Tarrant counties, including Fort Worth, Arlington, White Settlement, Weatherford, Azle and Willow Park.

The storm will contain wind gusts of up to 60 mph and hail the size of a ping pong or tennis ball, up to 2.5 inches in diameter, according to the weather service. He added that the storm continues to move eastward, approaching the western edge of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Governor Greg Abbott asked Northern Texans ina tweet on wednesday afternoonto take safety measures and that the state's emergency management division is ready to help with any need.

11:45 a.m.: wind notice

the weather serviceissued a wind alertfrom 17h m. Thursday to Friday at 10 am. m. for North and Central Texas, including Dallas, Collin, Tarrant and Denton counties. Strong gusts can make driving difficult, and the agency advises people to secure outside items such as trash cans and garden furniture.

Unusually cold weather will hit north Texas behind a strong cold front on Thursday night, according to the weather bureau. The low temperature in Dallas on Thursday will be around 37 degrees, much colder than the day's normal low temperature of around 48 degrees, according to data from the weather service.

Cold weather will persist through the weekend, the weather service said, with some areas of North Texas likely to dip below freezing Friday through Saturday morning and again Saturday night.

🚨WARNING!🚨 As severe weather is expected today, make sure you have a safety plan in place NOW.

If a warning is issued for your location:

- Seek immediate shelter indoors, away from windows!

- Shelter under bridges or overpasses!#dfwwx #ctxwx #texomawx

— NWS Fort Worth (@NWSFortWorth)March 16, 2023

Here's the latest prediction from KXAS-TV (NBC5):

FRIDAY:Cold and windy. Low: 38. High: 53.

SATURDAY:Partly cloudy and cool. Low: 36. High: 55.

DOMINGO:Mostly cloudy and cold. Low: 36. High: 51.

MONDAY:Mostly cloudy and breezy with a 20% chance of rain showers. Low: 39. High: 51.

MARTES:Partly cloudy. Low: 42. High: 60.

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