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Slipknot is one of thoseThe best heavy metal bandsin history and was instrumental in popularizing nu-metal and alternative metal during his time. Despite having a rotating line-up early in their career and being the focus of several lyrical controversies, they have been mainstays in the rock and metal genres and have consistently recorded songs.

Hugely influential, Slipknot is one of the best live shows to watch. Slipknot has established itself as one of the best. In this article we look at 31 of the best songs Slipknot has ever produced.

1. Duality

Slipknot - Duality [OFFICIAL VIDEO] [HD]

Look, this top spot is hotly debated among Slipknot fans no matter what song I put in this space.dualityIt still buys me, partly because it's so cool and partly because even non-fans who only listen to rock have probably heard and enjoyed this track.

dualityIt served as the lead single from Slipknot's third studio album in 2004 and was notable on the album for being the only one not to contain profanity. It was experimental for the band and the members have been quoted as trying something new with it and it brought them great success.dualityIt peaked at number five on the Mainstream Rock chart and number six on the Alternative Airplay chart, and later found a spot on outlets other thanMadden NFL 2010jLive-Gitarrenheld.

2. Coating

Slipknot - Survival (Audio)

surfaceis another song that could easily be called Slipknot's best, a song that was a trademark for the band and essentially encompassed everything they wanted in a song, their attitude and who they were. It's been an anthem for her fans since it came out and a seminal song for Slipknot, showcasing the evil and anger seething beneath her skin.

3. People = Shit

Slipknot - People = Shit (Audio)

The second track inIowaIt basically sums up how I feel about the majority of people in the world on any given day. A scathing rebuke of human stupidity that also serves as a great way to unleash listeners,people = shitit has appeared on all but one of Slipknot's live CDs and DVDs since its release. It's everything you could want in a raging metal song and even makes you wonder what's wrong with chaos and disaster when this is the world we have to live in.

4. Wait and bleed

Slipknot - Wait And Bleed [VIDEO OFFIZIELL] [HD]

Slipknot's first single to grace our ears comes from their 1999 self-titled debut album,wait and bleedit remains one of the band's signature songs all these years later. It wasn't just the song that set the bar for Slipknot. It turned the metal world upside down.wait and bleedit would even earn the band their first Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance and was ranked as one of the greatest metal songs of all time. Upon its release in 2000, it peaked at number 34 on the Mainstream Rock chart.

5. Psychosocial

Slipknot - Psychosocial [OFFICIAL VIDEO] [HD]

psychosocialIt's another song by Slipknotduality, which non-Metalheads probably heard as well. It was released as the second single from his 2008 album.there is no hopeand I felt like I belonged on mainstream radio.

It earned the band another Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance and rose to number seven on the Mainstream Rock chart that year.psychosocialIt's also one of the best Slipknot songs to hear in concert, as the chorus was written specifically to get the audience screaming along with the band.

6. (and)

Slipknot - (Sure) (Audio)

The term "sic" essentially means "said in context" and is used by authors as a literary term when someone says something they know to be wrong but says it anyway. slip knot(see)It is their most played song on the song charts and a fan favorite that has become a trademark of the band over the years. It was the first track on their debut album and had one of the most iconic moments in the band's life with the line "Here comes the pain".

7. Before I forget

Slipknot - Before I Forget [OFFICIAL VIDEO] [HD]

Here's another song that some fans will probably argue is the best Slipknot song of all time.before I forgetset a new standardMetal-Genre, which borrowed from a single from her debut album and has led to one of her most successful singles of all time. It was eventually named the best metal song of the decade by AOL, and he won a Grammy Award for it in 2006Beste Metal-Performance.

8. The devil in me

the devil in mewas a more subdued song than the rest of the tracks that went with it.5: The Gray Chapterin 2014, but it's another one that I know non-fans have heard before. However, unlike the others I've said that about, this one has had less discussion and most fans rank it among their best songs as well. It has a bit of everything from the crunchy bridge to the muted verses.

9. The hymn of the heretics

Slipknot - The Heretic Hymne (Audio)

The Heretical Hymnit could have been Slipknot at its heaviest, approaching full death metal and the extreme fringes of metal as a genre. Slipknot released the song as a promotional single for their second album.Iowa, and found pretty solid success. The song's content describes the record companies who didn't want to sign the band when they were just starting out.

10. Disaster

Slipknot - Desastre (Audio)

The third title inIowawas one of the defining songs on the album. Nihilist and violent to the core, he was an unabashed metalhead. It was heavy enough that even the Death Metal crowd respected it, andcatastropheThey helped steer Slipknot away from the nu metal genre and into uncharted territory as something in between.

11. Everything ends

Slipknot - Todo Termina (Audio)

Everything endswas the most melodic track onIowaand the most emotional in terms of raw and vulnerable lyrics.Corey TaylorHe himself said that the song was about wanting to commit suicide because of a girl who broke up with him. Ultimately, he painted a picture of what it feels like to let those negative emotions take over and make things seem pointless. It was by far one of their best songs and still differed from the typical sound of the rest of the songsIowa, it still hits extremely hard.

12. All life

Slipknot - All Out Life [VIDEO OFFIZIELL]

lifespanwas released in 2018 after a three-year hiatus during which Slipknot did not release any new songs. Released as a standalone single by Roadrunner Records, it was the last song to feature Chris Fehn on percussion before it was released.fired from the band.

It was not included on the regular version of their 2019 album.We're not your type, just the Japanese because they thought it would be cool to just be one for the fans. The thrash-filled song eventually became the theme song forTag wwe nxtprogram also clean.

13. Plate

Slipknot - Snuff [VIDEO OFICIAL] [HD]

snuffIt may not be the number one song for fans, but it is Slipknot's highest-charting single to date. Following release as the fifth and final single from the band's 2009 album.there is no hopeIt rose to number two on the Hot Mainstream Rock chart. He was also nominated for the Kerrang! Best Single Award in 2010 and appeared on therock bandvideo game series.

14. Spit it out

Slipknot - Spit It Out [VIDEO OFFIZIELL] [HD]

Spit it outIt was the second single from Slipknot's debut album and the last song to be officially released. It was originally recorded as the title track for their 1998 demo, but they remixed it at a faster tempo and included it on their album. It was a huge rock hit in the UK, peaking at number one on the UK Rock & Metal Charts and number 28 on the chart.UK-Single-Chart.

15. Sulfur

Slipknot - Sulfur [VIDEO OFICIAL] [HD]

Slipknot's fourth singlethere is no hopeThe album Sulfur was the first song Jordison and Root co-wrote. Its high-octane groove was incredibly energetic, peaking at number 18 on the US Mainstream Rock chart. Unfortunately, the song's music video was the last to feature the band's original line-up, due to Paul Gray dying the following year would and Jordison Seifired from the bandbefore another music video was filmed.

16. Strong Black

Slipknot - Nero Forte [VIDEO OFFICIAL]

strong blackis another newer song from Slipknot that proves the band is still rocking as hard as ever. It served as the fourth single from his 2019 album,We're not your type, and it was a great success. It reached number four on the UK Rock & Metal chart and number 11 on the US Hot Rock and Alternative Songs chart. The music video has also racked up over 50 million views on YouTube, earning the band a viral hit as well.

17. No eyes

Slipknot - No Eyes (Audio)

Here's one that fans will likely complain about the number I've included below.without eyeswas one of the band's original songs, coming off their 1999 self-titled album.

18. My plague

Slipknot - My Plague [OFFIZIELLES VIDEO]

plague mewas selected as the second single from Slipknot's 2001 albumIowaand the band was surprised at the reception it received. It received a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance, which was odd because they rebuilt it from the ground up after hearing a cool beat by Sidney George Wilson. In the end it was the perfect mix of intimidating yet melodic vocals and peaked at number 43 on the UK Singles Chart.

19. The Pulse of Worms

Slipknot - Pulse of the Maggots (Audio)

Slipknot fans are lovingcalled worms, and that song was about how the band would always be there for the people who supported them, which was especially touching when they briefly broke up. The song and title were inspired by the frenetic movements of fans during their concerts, resulting in one of their best songs. He paid tribute to all the Maggots who helped the band get to where they are now.

20. Lifeless

Slipknot - Sin Vida (Audio)

there is no lifeis one of Slipknot's earliest songs, widely believed to have been written before their debut album when they were working on their demo. It has everything you could want in a signature Slipknot song, from pounding guitar riffs to a raucous chorus and some Nu Metal elements in between.

21. Release

Slipknot - Liberar (Audio)

releaseIt was the tenth song on Slipknot's debut album and it was about letting go of your anger. It's not good to keep things in bottles as they will keep building up and eventually explode (although that would be pretty metallic). He has also appeared on several live albums, fromdisastersASlipknot: (sic) Ness.

22. The bubble exists

Slipknot - The Bubble Exists (Audio)

There's the bubblewas the third single fromvolume 3: (The Subliminal Verses)and is best known for his crazy trapdrum solo. You probably heard it as the opening song of their concerts during the Subliminal Verses tour, but it also showed up in the video game.Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

23. No holiness

Slipknot - Unsainted [VIDEO OFFIZIELL]

unconsecratedwas the band's lead singleWe're not your typealbum and it was their first release without Chris Fehn. One of the best headbangers in recent timesunconsecratedIt was considered a fairly radio-friendly song, but it never took off.

24. The Nameless One

Slipknot - The Nameless [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The namelesssurprised some people by hitting #25 on the US Mainstream Rock chart after its release in 2005. It was the only single released by them9.0 livealbum and even appeared on MTV's Rock Top 10, where it peaked at number two.

25. Diluted

Slipknot - Diluido (Audio)

Back to Slipknot's debut album.dilutedwas based on one of their demo songs titledintruderand was the 13th track on the album. It's a huge fan favorite despite being one of only two tracks Slipknot have ever performed live.

26. Critical Treasure

Slipknot - Critical Darling (Audio)

critical darlingcontrasts the religious feeling of being saved in the afterlife with the concept of living in the moment and enjoying life. He points out that these ideas make people overly judgmental and critical of others, and is oddly as philosophical as Kicker. A refreshing yet exciting track that fits right into the Slipknot universe.

27. The negative

Slipknot - The Negative [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Released in 2014,the negativeIt was Slipknot's first release after the band lost Paul Gray and Joey Jordison. It was an excellent comeback for them and they even received a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance that year. There has been debate as to whether the song is related to Jordison's firing, but the band have since done sodenied these rumoursand overcame the drama of the incident.

28. The Dying Song (Sing Time)

Slipknot - The Dying Song (Sing Time)

the death songIt came out in 2022 and was essentially an announcement that the band would be releasing a seventh album. It also told the world that they were moving in a new direction, with an a cappella intro and some dynamic changes they had never used before. Ultimately, it was a gut punch that got the worms excited about the future.

29. I'm hated

Slipknot - I'm Hated (Audio)

i'm hatedIt was an anthem for outcasts and had nothing for critics but anger, a complete understanding by the band that they would do exactly what they wanted no matter what anyone said of them. even shot himFred Durst for insulting Slipknot fansin one of the best lines of all time.

30. All hope is gone

Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone (Audio)

While the album might not have been a fan favorite for Slipknot, its title track nonetheless took on a brutal tone that fans love and was a milestone for the band as they attempted to find a more mature sound going forward.

31. Solway-Fjord

Slipknot - Solway Firth [VIDEO OFFIZIELL]

Fjord von Solwaywas the last topic ofWe're not your typeand it's one of the tracks where Slipknot is best heard. It's a track that wouldn't feel out of place in a rage-filled horror movie, but still features a melodic riff that's the perfect modern slipknot.

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