The list of the best Slipknot songs of 2022 - Endante (2023)

The list of the best Slipknot songs of 2022 - Endante (1)

When we think of Slipknot, the first thing that comes to mind are the masks. Drummer Joey Jordison, bassist Paul Gray and percussionist Shawn Crahan formed the band in 1995.

This heavy metal band from Iowa has been active for over two decades.

His ability to stay relevant in the ever-changing music industry is a skill in itself. This list of the best Slipknot songs will bring back your metalhead days.

The band has come a long way from (sic) to Nero Forte. It documents the frustrations, suffering, catharsis and growth of the band members.

They are the heaviest and most intense band to ever perform at a major event. Choosing the best Slipknot songs today won't be easy.

Her fans, nicknamed the "Maggots," have been loyal to her from the start. They are the sole beneficiaries of the band's masterpieces year after year.

It's okay to be a heavy metal band with all the trappings and masks. But they certainly back up all the madness with their musical style.

His mastery of instruments, his melodies and his lyrics are striking.

Without further ado, here you have the definitive list of the best Slipknot songs.

The best Slipknot songs


We start the list with surfacing. This track was released in 1999 from the debut album Slipknot.

This song sums up the attitude and attitude towards life of the band. They wrote this song when the band first went to Los Angeles.

It's for the naysayers who always have something to say.

It's the classic Slipknot song with its opening screams, angry, chaotic percussions and Taylor's ferocity. This song is considered the "new national anthem" for Slipknot fans.

The surface acted as a barometer for the evil lurking beneath the surface. This would later prove to be the game changer they would need.

It's not one of the best songs they've put out. But if you're angry and aggressive, you probably don't care how you do things.

2.without eyes

The third song from their debut album Slipknot was released in 1999.

This track has many different meanings. But it's mostly about Corey's father, whom he has never met in his life.

The line "You can't see California without the eyes of Marlon Brando" is inspired by a homeless man Taylor met. He said the man repeated himself while distributing cult literature.

Taylor talks about his experiences writing this song in the studio and how they recorded the song twice as fast as they wrote it.

For the band, their greatest achievement is capturing the dark pull of that very moment. It encompasses much of what drew fans to Slipknot's early work. It is both abstract and alive.

3.people = shit

This track was released in 2001. It's from their album Iowa.

The song speaks of misanthropy and hating what humanity has become after these years of evolution.

The message conveyed is that mankind is exhausting its simple pleasures in life and mankind is being branded an impostor. Taylor sees humanity as an inexplicable end.

The song starts with loud drums and a pounding riff. When Taylor sings, you'll feel almost exhausted by the end of the song.

The lyrics are fantastic because they fit well with the music production. It's related to the same general theme of how terrible humanity is.

This song embodies his darkest and heaviest moments when it comes to music and lyrics. It all comes together in a cohesive and compelling piece.

4.wait and bleed

This song was released in 1999 from their self-titled debut album Slipknot. Slipknot also received a Grammy nomination for this song.

It's a story about a man who regularly has nightmares. He imagines slicing his wrists in a bathtub filled with his own blood.

There's something trance-like about the music. The isolation has a hypnotic effect on the bleeding.

It describes relaxation in a very somber light. When you bleed to death, you realize that you are leaving everything in your life behind.

Its tangle of sinking riffs complements the track's hard climactic low point. With his deep, guttural growls, singer Corey Taylor takes center stage.

The track is a harrowing meditation on humanity's potential to plunge into darkness. He tackled the issue of mental health long before it was appropriate.


This track was released in 2004 and is taken from their third studio album, Vol. 3: (Los Versos Subliminales).

It's about the temperaments in your life and how difficult it can be to make the right decisions. You have to make a decision that you may not want but are being forced to make.

Taylor doesn't write about futility. Instead, write with emotion and meaning in mind. And the song matters no matter how fast or heavy it sounds.

Duality became a classic for the band and set the standard for years to come. This cemented the band's reputation as metal's most unpredictable creative force.

The masked marauders perfected their maelstrom with the melody formula. Fingering your eyes never sounded like such attractive behavior.

6.left behind

This track is from their album Iowa, released in 2001.

This song is about the companions Taylor made while he was homeless. He trusted them and shared everything with them.

When he finally did, he completely lost contact with each and every one of them. This song seems to be a dedication from Taylor to her.

The chorus of this song is pretty catchy and one of Slipknot's best. The drums in this song along with the guitars give it a frantic feel.

The emotion in Corey's voice is palpable. He grew angry at being on the streets and was rejected by society.

It has a lot more of that caustic, desperate band attitude that has become its trademark. Left Behind was nominated for Best Metal Performance in 2002.

7.before I forget

This track is taken from the album Vol. 3 (The Subliminal Verses). It was released in 2004.

The main riff comes from a 1996 demo called "Carve". But it was never included on the band's 1999 debut.

This song is popular with fans as it contains everything. These include the trigger finger riff, the razor sharp chorus and more ambient bridge.

These lyrics are more personal and thoughtful. He doesn't just express his contempt for others.

It's about remembering who you really are despite what's going on around you. For all the band's success over the years, he talks about keeping his feet on the ground.

This track won the 2006 Grammy for Best Metal Performance. He is also included in Guitar Hero 3.

This was one of the first times the band showed their faces without their masks.

8.Spit it out

This song was released in 1999. It comes from their debut album Slipknot.

Taylor wrote in retaliation to a radio station in Des Moines, Iowa: They never played their material and were always rude to them.

The fast tempo of this song gives it a lot of vitality and the chorus kicks in quickly. It features a massive rhythm section, pounding riffs and Taylor's erratic rapping.

This song demonstrated not only the band's potential at the time, but also Taylor's versatility. Most fans consider this to be Slipknot's most popular song.

This song played live is even better. Every metalhead should "jump the f*** up!" by Corey Taylor. Audience Participation.

This is the song that landed Slipknot a deal with Roadrunner Records. It's one of their best songs on this album.


This track was released in 2008. It's from their album: All Hope Is Gone.

Psychosocial has everything fans love in their song. An epic mask presentation, a clever accompanying video and a killer headbanger beat.

The music is sometimes slow. Fans find it sounds like (sic) and Duality at the same time.

Psychosocial was the first of her songs that felt like it belonged on the radio. Another percussion driven masterpiece with a chorus sung by the fans.

The song and video, which debuted on MTV, was culturally very influential. The band's polished material is a tribute to how much they changed the game.

It's easy and fun to play, making it a fan favorite.


This track was released in 2001. It's from their album Iowa.

This song was inspired by Taylor's experiences with a bully in high school. He was bullied at a young age and always expressed his disdain for bullies.

Finally he's insane and lets his anger out in this song. He sings about wanting to kill that man and let him experience the misery he caused.

The person who used to bully him didn't think much of him. Taylor looks back and laughs at her bully now that she did it.

Disasterpiece was well received by critics when it was released. Most fans praised the quick editing and sound quality.

The visceral image produced here has a darkly romantic feel to it. It's gross, so it's perfect.


Prosthetics was released in 1999. This song is from their first album, Slipknot.

The song is about how obsessed the character is with a girl. It's a strange psychological phenomenon, and Prosthetics takes it a step further.

Paul's slimy bass is the perfect lubricant for metronomic start. It showed that the band could travel to the other end of the spectrum.

Prosthetics is a haunting complement to their first album. It is based on the 1965 film The Collector.

Its bursts of static and intricate percussion are delivered to a malevolent, synchronized beat. It's a tedious performance that explodes into the live arena.

The lyrics follow the actions of a predator based on its sexual desires. It leads to the kidnapping of the girl and then to guilt and shame.

This song is also considered to be one of the most haunting rock songs ever recorded.


Unsainted was released in 2019. This song is from their album: We Are Not Your Kind.

When Slipknot released this song, they surprised their fans. This goes hand in hand with a new look for all band members.

Taylor, the band's frontman, talks about his long battle with depression in this song. He talks about how organized religion helps him cope with depression.

The band had a personnel change during this album. Their longtime drummer Chris Fehn was replaced by a newcomer.

This is the song where the band decided to record a chorus intro. It was a whole new experience and added to the satisfaction of those pounding drums.

The song ends with the comment that the singer is now unholy. That good side of Taylor has finally been torn apart by someone.

13The Heretical Hymn

This track is from their album Iowa, released in 2001.

It's about trusting your instincts instead of taking advice from others. Slipknot always exceeded expectations and confused critics, leading to success.

The devil has nothing to do with this track. It's for the record industry, desperate for the band to release a radio hit.

This is a death metal song with Corey Taylor screaming. The riffs, frantic double bass and Paul's childish bass stand out.

It's a pivotal moment in Slipknot's journey as the voice for the voiceless in modern metal. The Heretic Anthem is heavier than 99% of today's extreme metal bands.

The song was well received after its initial release. The band's attitude of "I don't give a fuck" is repeated throughout the song.

14take that

This track was released in 1999. It comes from their first self-titled album, Slipknot.

This song is addressed to an old band that opened Slipknot's live shows. This band would later claim that they were the reason for Slipknot's success.

This is one of the most aggressively written songs on the album. It has a sarcastic tone and expresses Taylor's disdain for this band.

They had already established themselves as a non-binding band. He had no desire to befriend an already dwindling nu metal scene.

As Taylor would later clarify, this doesn't just refer to the music. It speaks of those who have a wonderful life but are not satisfied with life.

Few hated songs become hits, but Slipknot made their mark with this one.

15.strong black

This song was released in 2019. It's from their album: We Are Not Your Kind.

Slipknot drummer Crahan wrote the original version of this percussive tune. According to fans, this is reminiscent of “Psychosocial”.

The title refers to the Italian expressions "black" and "strong", it's about doubts about one's own existence. His abstract story describes what it's like to sink into the depths of the Depression.

"Forte" can also refer to anything you excel at. Although the song's title isn't mentioned in the lyrics, it encapsulates Taylor's plunge into darkness.

Taylor felt that depression was like an entity that she didn't have the strength to fight.

For the first time in Slipknot's long career, Taylor sings in falsetto. It shows how far you have progressed.


We hope that the list has helped you in some ways more than many. This band formed a community of misfits who came together to headbang.

Some people didn't like it and some people still don't. But, as Taylor would say, refusing to give in to the beliefs of others.

In short, believe in yourself whether you are doing the right thing or the wrong thing. Mistakes help you grow.

In closing, we hope these best Slipknot songs will brighten your day. A cup of coffee goes well with the rhythm of your songs.

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