The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (2023)

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All The Sims 4 cheats for each expansion in one convenient place.

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (1)

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  • build cheats
  • Live-Cheats
  • relationship cheats
  • death cheats
  • Skill Cheats
  • career cheats
  • Dash-Cheats

looking for someSims 4 callsmanifest your Sims dreams in your new free reality? Few pairings work better than Sims and a list of cheats, and whether you just need some extra cash or a free house or want to revive a family member who died too soon - cheats are at your disposal. With the power of cheats, you can bypass everyday problems like money or mortality and focus on gaming and fun. Or wreak havoc. Your choice, really.

Get more out of The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (2)

mod sims 4: Play it your way
Die Sims 4CC: Custom content
Sims 4 expansions: Worth it?

This Sims 4 cheat guide contains codes for all released expansions and accessory packs. Most expansions and packs for The Sims 4 have unique sets of cheats for jobs, deaths, and special features in that expansion. below to get through school or get promotions in the new secondary careers.

We've organized the site to make it easy to find charts for every skill, career, and trait you may need to max out your Sim's level. You can also press Ctrl+F on the extension or package name page you are looking for to find cheats for them in each section. We also have instructions on how to enable cheats in game if you have never used them or even if it has been a while.

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How to activate cheats in Sims 4

To activate the Sims 4 cheats,Press Ctrl + Shift + Cin-game to open the cheat console.Type your chosen cheat codes in the text box that opens and press Enter.

For cheats marked as "Shift Click" you must first "testCheats [true/false]" in the cheat menu. With test cheats enabled, you can unlock some new shift-click menu options for Sims, objects, or the ground.

Come ontestandoCheatsWhen active, you can move Sims between families, fill their need and happiness bars, soil or clean items, and teleport Sims anywhere you want, alongside a few more details below.

The Sims 4 money cheat

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (3)

Spending all that money on groceries and bills is very similar to real life. Why should your Sims start at the bottom when it's so much more fun to start at the top? Enter any of these Sims 4 money cheat keywords into the cheat console to start earning heaps of cash instantly.

  • kaching:Win 1,000 Simoleons
  • Rosenknospe:Earn 1,000 Simoleons (for The Sims Veterans Who Remember)
  • Ader:Get 50,000 Simoleons
  • Money [#]:Change domestic simoleons to an exact number
  • FreeRealEstate [on/off]:Enter this in Neighborhood or World view to unlock all lots
  • household.autopay_bills [true/false]:Turn household bills on and off.

Die Sims 4 UI-Cheats

Die Sims 4 UI-Cheats

Use these handy The Sims 4 UI tricks to remove game elements from your view or add additional utilities:

  • Headline effects [on/off]:Enables or disables title effects such as plumb lines and speech bubbles
  • Hover effects [on/off]:Disable the hover effect when hovering over a sim
  • Full pictureToggle:Runs the game in fullscreen/windowed mode
  • fps [on/off]:Show fps on screen

Sims 4 Bau-Hacks

Sims 4 Bau-Hacks

These cheats give you additional freedom when building, so that you can live out the creativity of your Sims without restrictions.

  • bb.moveobjects:The trick to moving objects in Sims 4 is essential for builders, which allows you to bypass the rules of object placement
  • hidden objects:the "debug trick" which shows additional items to build, usually neighborhood landscapes and small clutter that cannot be bought
  • bb.enablefreebuild:Build anywhere, even on fenced lots
  • bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement:Buy items locked by careers

When an object is selected, you can also press Shift + [ or Shift + ] to make an object smaller or larger.

Sims 4 Live-Cheats

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (4)

Die Sims 4 Live-Modus-Cheats

Things often go wrong in The Sims 4 when you lose track of time. Here are some tricks to get you out of (or into, if you wish) sticky situations:

  • resetsim [firstname lastname]:Resets a stuck Sim.
  • sims.give_satisfaction_points [#]:Gives the Sim a lot of happiness points.
  • Füllmotiv Motiv_[Motive]:Enter the reason given, valid for: Bladder, Energy, Fun, Hunger, Hygiene, Social.
  • sims.fill_all_commodities:Fill in the motives of all Sims in the house.
  • Aspirations.complete_current_milestone:Fulfills a Sim's current aspiration goal and awards corresponding points.

Scammers make The Sims 4 High School Years

Make your teenage Sims pass school (or get expelled) with these graduate and expulsion cheats. This is all handled by the trait system, so you'll be cheatingtraits.equip_trait [property]with the following doing exactly what they suggest:

  • trait_hsexit_graduate_early
  • trait_hsexit_graduate_honors
  • trait_hsexit_graduate_valedictorian
  • trait_hsexit_expelled
  • trait_hexit_dropout

Like other functions, you can usemerkmale.remove_traitto get rid of everyone too. For more Highschool Years cheats for careers, skills, and personality traits, check out the tables below.

The Sims 4 werewolf cheats

Cheats for the werewolf pack are mostly related to traits. To instantly turn a Sim into a werewolf in The Sims 4: Werewolves Pack, usetraits.equip_trait trait_occultwerewolfto add the werewolf trait. To remove the werewolf trait immediately, use as welltraits.remove_trait trait_occultwerewolfInstead of. See the tables below for more werewolf traits.

The Werewolves Pack has also added a number of cheats to add temperaments to your werewolves, which are usually unlocked during gameplay and affect the speed at which your werewolves rage and rage. Use the cheat to add a temper to your werewolftraits.equip_trait trait_OccultWerewolf_Temperaments_[temperamento], where the section in square brackets is replaced with one of the following moods:

  • Anti-capitalist dog- Adds the Anti-Capitalist Dog temperament
  • Lobo always- Adds the "Bad Wolf" temperament
  • carnivore- Adds the "Carnivore" temperament
  • Easily excitable- Adds an "excitable" temperament
  • Feels expelled- Adds the "Feels outcast" temperament
  • Playful- Adds 'frisky' temperament
  • GrumpyWolf- Adds the "Grumpy Wolf" temperament
  • OdeiaSerLei- Adds "Hate being wet" temperament
  • Hungry like a wolf- Adds the Hungry as a Wolf temperament
  • Lunar_ForestMark- Added the Mark of the Forest temperament
  • Lunar_HuntMark- Adds the 'Mark of the Hunt' temperament
  • Lunar_NightMark- Adds the "Sign of the Night" temperament
  • Lunar_WolfMark- Adds the "Mark of the Wolf" temper
  • must be clean- Adds the "Must Be Clean" temperament
  • night wolf- Adds the "Night Wolf" temperament
  • stolz- Adds the 'Proud' temperament
  • restless animal- Adds the "Restless Animal" temperament
  • sensitive hearing- Adds the Sensitive Hearing temperament
  • survival instincts- Adds the "Survival Instincts" temperament
  • Territorial- Adds 'territorial' temperament
  • wolf brain- Adds the "Wolf Brain" temperament
  • WrackedWithGuilt- Adds the Guilt Wracked Temperament

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (5)

Die Sims 4: Saison-Cheats

You can't arbitrarily change the season after creating a new world, so you'll have to use a cheat. Or you live in live mode every season, but that would take too long.

To useseasons.set_season [#]to change at will. Each station is represented by a number:

  • Sommer: 0
  • Links: 1
  • Winter: 2
  • Primavera: 3

You can also useseasons.advance_seasonto jump forward just one season in time.

The Sims 4: Cheats get famous

If you want to climb the ladder of fame you can use super simpleFame Points [#]This will add the number of Fame Points to your currently selected Sim.

Sims 4: Eco Lify Style-Hacks

One of the first things you might need to do with Eco Lifestyle cheats is change your neighborhood's ecological footprint. If you just can't stand starting with an industrial district, use iteco_footprint.set_eco_footprint_state [#]with one of these numbers:

  • 0 - Green ecological paste
  • 1 - Neutral ecological footprint
  • 2 - Industrial ecological paste

Sims 4 Batu-Cheats

If you want an unlimited supply of galactic credits, you must type in the console.

  • bucks.update_bucks_by_amount 512011000

Note that the "1000" at the end is the amount of Galactic Credits you give your Sim. You can change this number to whatever you want, so go crazy with it.

The clothing cheat below unlocks the full catalog of Journey to Batuu items, but be aware that you must enter it in Create A Sim or Dwelling in Batuu.

(Video) ALL The Sims 4 Cheats (Updated for 2020)

  • cas.unlockbytag GP09

Sims 4 cheat for decoration clothes

If you want to unlock the clothing items locked for career progression usecas.unlockbytag GP10

Cheats Sims 4 island life

Use on a lot with the Volcanic Activity traitvolcanic eruption [small/large]Rain lava bombs from the sky onto your lot.

Sims 4 Cheats Shift+click

after typingtestandoCheats truein the cheat console Shift+Click on Sims and objects for the following effects:

Swipe to scroll horizontally

Sims 4 Cheats Shift+click
game packtargetAwayIt is done
base gamesimMust cheat > make happySet all of your Sim's Themes to Full and Mood to Happy
base gamesimNeed Cheat > Need Decay deaktivierenAllows or prevents Sims from requiring changes
base gameAnd/ObjectRedefine objectWorks on Sims and objects to reset their status
base gamesimAdd to familyAdds a Sim to your currently playing family.
base gamesimCAS no. changeModify the Sim in Create-a-Sim beyond the name and inherited traits
base gameObjectto clean/dirtyUse it on an object to stain or clean
base gameBodenYes of teleportationShift+Click on the ground to teleport a Sim to that location.
base gameObjectmake headUse it on an object to place it on your Sim's neck like a terrifying chimera
base gameLetter boxpublic utilitiesChange energy and water usage or production on the property.
base gameLetter boxchanging needsTurn off the needs of the world or home, or meet all needs.
petsTiergive specialnessGive an animal a fear or love tv quirk.
petsfood bowlTo fillReplenish your pet's food for free.
Discover the universityrobotic tableSpawn Creation SuppliesGives you 50 of everything in the current Sim's inventory.
eco lifestyleballot paper/mailboxAdopt/cancel NAPImmediately enact or revoke a neighborhood action plan.
eco lifestyleballot paper/mailboxGive influence to the SimGain the necessary influence for neighborhood activities.
eco lifestyleYes/manufacturing machineGive Money > Bits/PiecesGet the 500 Bits of Pieces coin
batuusimBatu Cheats > Give items from BatuGet articles from Batuu for free
batuusimBatu-Cheats / Batu-RufJoin the First Order or the Resistance.
batuusimBatuu Cheats > Faction World StatesSet the State of the World to First Order or Resistance.
batuuRey/Kylo RenAdd to familyLike other Sims, you can add Rey or Kyle Ren to your family.
hutTierRelationship Cheat > Set Maximum FriendshipBecome best friends with your animals.
hutTierGet all animal clothesUnlocks all outfits for your pet.
hutBodenraise animalSpawn into a rabbit, chick, chicken, or rooster.
hutchicken coop/rabbit coopBreed rabbit/chicken/eggSpawn in one of these.
hutrefrigeratortreats for petsUnlock animal treat recipes.

Sims 4 relationship cheats

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (6)

Need more cheat sheets?

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (7)

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Scammers make The Sims 4: Lifehacks
Arche Tricks: Accelerated evolution

If your sims have the same problem making friends that i have in real life cheat console codeBeziehung.introduce_sim_to_all_othersinstantly introduces your Sim to all your neighbors.

For an even simpler icebreaker,relationships.create_friends_for_simspawns a new Sim on the lot that is already friends with you.

If you need a more specific friendship (and romance) tracking, use the following to add and subtract relationships between two Sims:

modifyrelationship [YourSimFirstName] [YourSimLastName] [TargetSimFirstName] [TargetSimLastName] 100 LTR_Friendship_Main

Replace "Friendship" with "Romance" to change the romantic relationship values. Positive values ​​increase a relationship, while using a negative value (e.g. -100) decreases it.

sims 4 todestricks

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (8)

Kill and kill your sims

Use to completely save your sims from deathdeath.toggle [true/false]

sims.add_buff Gruseligturns your Sim into a ghost for 4 hours in-game.

You can use it to kill your Fanged Sims in The Sims 4 Vampires expansionstats.set_stat commercial_Vampire_SunExposure -100.

For all of your other deadly designs, use the following trait codes to turn your Sim into a dead ghost with the code in the appropriate way:

(Video) 10 Cheats Every New Sims 4 Player Needs To Know | The Sims 4 Guide

traits.equip_trait [property]

Swipe to scroll horizontally

traits.equip_trait [property]
game packArt of the Todesfunction code
Jungle AdventurepoisonedPoisonous
Paranormal ThingsBecome a spirit summoned by Seancetrait_Ghost_SeanceTable
Paranormal ThingsBecome Guidry the Ghosttrait_Guidry
Paranormal ThingsBecome Temperance the Phantomtrait_HauntedHouse_Temperance
Vampirekilled by the suntraits.equip_trait Vampire_Sonne

Kill and kill your pets

traits.equip_trait Ghost_OldAge [Pet ID]will turn your pet into a ghost if you're an absolute monster or (spoiler alert) trying out an elaborate sim version of John Wick. To get your pet ID (your monster), usesims.get_sim_id_by_name [PetFirstName] [PetLastName]

You should also be able to revive your pets with ittraits.remove_trait Ghost_OldAge [Haustier-ID].

Sims 4 Skill-Tricks

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (9)

If you want to maximize your Sim's skills or set them to a specific skill level of your choosing, you can use this skill code list.

To usestats.set_skill_level [Skillcode] [#]to adjust your Sim's skills to the desired level. Replace the code with the skill and skill level you want, which should look something like this: "stats.set_skill_level Major_Writing 10"

Replace for your kids sims withSkill_Child_[Creativity/Mental/Motor Skills/Social]all of which also have a maximum of 10.

Swipe to scroll horizontally

stats.set_skill_level [Skillcode] [#]
game packCapabilityability codeMaximales Level
base gameCookMajor_HomestyleKochen10
base gamegourmet cuisineMajor_GourmetCooking10
base gameBarmannMajor_Barkeeper10
base gameCharismaMajor_Charisma10
base gamecomedyMajor_Comedy10
base gamefishingMajor_Fishing10
base gameFitnessSkill_Fitness10
base gamegardeningMajor_Gardening10
base gameguitarmajor_guitar10
base gamePianomajor_piano10
base gameviolinMajor_Violine10
base gamepracticabilityMajor_handiness10
base gamePrankMajor_Mischief10
base gameQuadroMajor_Painting10
base gamePhotoMain_Photography10
base gameScheduleMain_Programming10
base gamerocket scienceMajor_RocketScience10
base gamevideo gamesMajor_VideoGaming10
base gameWriteMajor_Writing10
dogs and catsvetMajor_Vet10
dogs and catspet trainingskill_Dog5
become famousactingPrincipal_Performance10
become famousmedia productionminor_media5
Discover the universityroboticsMajor_Robotics10
Discover the universitydebateMajor_ResearchDebate10
eco lifestylemanufacturingAdultMajor_Fabrication10
eco lifestyleFizzy JuiceAdultMinor_JuiceFizzing5
Jornada para BatuuLightsaber AbilitiesSkill_Fitness10
escape snowClimbMajor_Climbing10
escape snowSkiMajor_Skiing10
escape snowSnowboardMajor_Snowboard10
high school yearsentrepreneuradult minor_entrepreneur5

sims 4 karriere cheats

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (10)

Once all your Sims are qualified, you can also offer free promotions or add new careers.

To usecareers.add_career [Karriere]to add careers with your career code in the list below.

career.promote [career]ecareer.remove [career]Work in the same way to get a promotion or remove your Sim's job. You can also useCareer.Retirement [Career]Quit your job and receive a weekly pension.

Swipe to scroll horizontally

careers.add_career [Karriere]
game packCareercareer code
high school yearsadult streamerparttime_streamersidehustle
high school yearsstreamer youthteen_streamersidehustle
high school yearssimsfluencer adultparttime_simsfluencersidehustle
high school yearsTeenager-Simfluencerteen_simsfluencersidehustle
dogs and catsvetvet
seasonsBoy Scouts (for youth)explore
become famousactingactor
become famousTheater Club (for children)acting club
Inselebenlife jacketPartTime_Lifeguard
Inselebenteen lifesaverTeen_Lifeguard
Discover the universityProfessor/Professoreducation
Discover the universitymechanical engineering/computer scientistmechanical engineering
Discover the universityjudge/prosecutorLei
eco lifestyleconstruction plannercarreiras_Adult_CivilDesigner
eco lifestylefreelance creatorcarreiras_Adult_Freelancer_Agency_Maker
ParanormalBecome a paranormal investigatortrait_Freelancer_Career_ParanormalInvestigator_License
ParanormalPromote your Paranormal InvestigatorParanormal investigator
Dream Home Decoratorinterior architectInner
Dream Home Decoratorinterior decorationdecoration

Sims 4 Feature-Cheats

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (11)

(Video) All Needs Cheats | The Sims 4 Guide

You can choose certain traits for your Sims during the create-a-sim process, which will control some of their likes, habits, and how they react to other Sims. One way to get your Sims to have certain traits, particularly those of the base game, is to edit them using the Shift+Click cheats above in the CAS (Create-A-Sim) menu.

If you want finer control or are trying to add or remove other traits, here is your list of game pack and expansion traits to give your Sims. A Sim's lifestyle, which reflects the habits they've developed while playing the game, is also added and removed as traits.

After using the base cheat "testandoCheats true" you can use the following cheats to add and remove all cheats to this list with their respective attribute codes.

traits.equip_trait [property]

traits.remove_trait [Spur]

Swipe to scroll horizontally

traits.[equipar/remover]_trait [trait]
game packfunction codeTrace Effect
high school yearssocially awkwardBuild Charisma skills more slowly and struggle with social situations.
high school yearsParty TierEnjoy parties and do party tricks.
high school yearsgiftedLevel up skills faster, but they're harder to get along with as friends.
werewolvestrait_WerewolfPack_FriendBBecome a friend of the tomboy pack
werewolvestrait_WerewolfPack_FriendABecome a friend of the Moonwood Collective Pack
werewolvestrait_OccultWerewolf_InitiationBonusTraitInitial relationship boost from meeting werewolves.
werewolvestrait_OccultWerewolf_GreaterWolfBloodImproves werewolf growth.
werewolvestrait_OccultWerewolf_DormantWolfAdds the Sleeping Wolf trait
werewolvestrait_occultwerewolfBecome (or become) a werewolf
dogs and catsattractionAnimal relationships start higher
seasonsSturmjägerYour Sim loves bad weather!
seasonsWaterproofEven if it rains, your Sim won't get wet
seasonsice cream manFreezeproof Sims are not adversely affected by the cold
seasonsMan in flamesFireproof Sims love the heat
seasonsAcclimatization wordsYes is less affected by hot conditions
seasonsCold air conditioningSim is less affected by cold
seasonsscout talentGain faster scouting experience
seasonsVaterWinterBabyIs your Sim... Santa's baby?
become famousworld famous actorNever fail a perform action
become famousunstoppable gloryNever see the decay of fame
Inselebentrait_BeachBum_LaidBacknever get tense
Inselebentrait_Hidden_IslandAncestor_ElementalIncrease plant quality and summon volcanic bombs
Inselebentrait_NaturalSpeakerGreat for wowing other Sims
Inselebentrait_FriendOfTheSeaMake friends with dolphins and merpeople more easily
Inselebentrait_OccultMeerjungfraubecome a mermaid
Inselebentrait_OccultMermaid_MermaidFormSwitch a mer tail to shore
eco lifestyletrait_ChampionOfThePeopleGain happiness by gaining influence
eco lifestyletrait_EcoEngineerCreate eco updates faster
eco lifestyletrait_MasterMakerCustomize items at a reduced cost
eco lifestyletrait_Nature_InfluentialIndividualOther Sims will be more affected by this Sim
eco lifestyletrait_eco_masterInspire other Sims to become environmentally conscious
eco lifestyletrait_entrepreneurThese Sims like to take risks when it comes to investing
eco lifestyletrait_FizzyheadConcentrate when using the Juice Fizzer
eco lifestyletrait_makerNPCInspire crafting recipes for other Sims
escape snowFeature_AdventurousRow 34 - Cell 2
escape snowTrait_ProperLine 35 - Cell 2
escape snowTrait_Excursion_Mountaineer_Rank[1/2/3]Row 36 - cell 2
escape snowTrait_CorporateWorker_CharismaticCroonerLine 37 - cell 2
escape snowTrait_CorporateWorker_LegendaryStaminaLine 38 - cell 2
escape snowTrait_Survival InstinctLine 39 - Cell 2
escape snowFeature_World_KnowledgeRow 40 - cell 2
escape snowTrait_TownMascotRow 41 - Cell 2
huttrait_AnimalEnthusiastanimal enthusiast
huttrait_LactoseIntolerantLactose intolerant

The Sims 4 Cheats: All the cheat codes and cheats you need (12)

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(Video) MUST KNOW Cheats for The Sims 4 *cheat codes are so necessary for this game*


What is the cheat in Sims 4 to make all needs full? ›

How do you manipulate a Sims Needs? If your Sim is unhappy and you want to manually adjust their needs so they are happy again you will need to activate the cheat console, type in “testingcheats true”, shift and click on the Sim you'd like to change the needs for, and select “Make Happy”.

What are the BB cheats in Sims 4? ›

The Sims 4 build cheats for free building and moving objects

FreeRealEstate Off - Turn off building anywhere for free. bb.moveobjects on - Move objects anywhere, regardless of grid placement. bb.enablefreebuild - Build anywhere. bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement - Unlocks any locked Career Items in Build mode.

Can Sims get drunk? ›

Sims can get dazed (which is the equivalent to drunk) by too much drinks and coffee.

How do you Unkill a Sim? ›

Click the dead Sim and press the Delete key. The Sim's icon should now have a crosshair on it. Click the crosshair to resurrect the Sim.

Can you get unicorns in Sims 4? ›

Just like Sims, a unicorn can be added to the active household through testingcheatsenabled.

Can you cheat Sims pregnancy? ›

With them as the active Sim, enter the cheat code Pregnancy. Force_Offspring_Count IDNumber #, replacing '#' with the number of babies you want them to have. This actually allows you to go beyond having triplets, if you want: you can choose any number up to your Sim's available household limit.

How do you get 1000 dollars in Sims 4? ›

Money cheats for The Sims 4

Type 'kaching' or 'rosebud' and press Enter – either will reward you with §1,000.

How do you cheat on Sims with no money? ›

Type in "testingcheats true" without the quotation marks, following which you can use the "Money" cheat to get rid of some cash. Simply type "Money x", where x is the desired amount of money the player wants to have.

How do you get 10000 dollars on Sims? ›

The Sims 2 Apartment Pets

In this game, the player enters the UNLOCKABLES MENU and can type "cash" to obtain §10,000.

How do you make your Sim immortal? ›

Methods of becoming immortal. Sims with a high enough Aspiration Meter can drink the Elixir of Life and continuously purchase resupplies of the elixir when they run out, effectively rendering themselves ageless.

Can Sims get an abortion? ›

To have an abortion in The Sims 4, players must pay an amount of the game's fictional currency (1,000 Simoleons). They cannot perform the procedure beyond the second trimester of the pregnancy. The character will feel guilty “in most circumstances”, notes Axios.

Can Sims miscarry? ›

The makers of the long-running video game series The Sims don't allow pregnant characters to have abortions.

How do you summon the Grim Reaper in Sims 4? ›

While the Grim Reaper functions differently than normal NPCs and has some unique rules, interacting with him isn't too different from interacting with regular Sims. Before beginning a romance with the Grim Reaper, however, players will need Sims to kill as a sacrifice to summon him.

Can you bring a ghost back to life Sims 4? ›

You can also bring ghosts back to life! If a Sim has a high enough gardening and cooking skill they can make a tasty plate of Ambrosia to bring ghosts back from the dead. You'll need three ingredients to do that – Angelfish, a Death Flower and the Potion of Youth.

Do Mermaids exist in Sims 4? ›

The Sims 4 Mermaids is one of the most unique occult races that's been added to The Sims 4, and is the key one involved in The Sims 4 Island Living, the 2019 expansion pack for the ever-popular life simulation game.

Can a mermaid get pregnant Sims 4? ›

You cannot create a mermaid baby, toddler, or child in create-a-sim, but you can have one be born into a mermaid family. It works in the same way as other occult states, with a baby having a chance to inherit the mermaid trait.

Can you get a dragon in Sims 4? ›

You can purchase a powerful dragon, wise owl, or elusive bunnerfly from Casters Ally. With the Familiar Orb in your Sim's inventory, bind them to your Sim by clicking on the orb itself. Once bound, click on your Sim to summon them. Then name them whatever your magical heart desires!

How to make a baby boy? ›

Sexual positions

Deep penetration, for example doggy style, means the male sperm that can swim faster start their race closer to the cervix and are more likely to reach the egg first, resulting in a boy. To try and conceive a girl, Shettles suggested avoiding deep penetration, favouring the missionary position.

Can Sims give birth to twins? ›

There is a small chance that any pregnancy in The Sims 4 will end up with twins; the odds of having twins is about 10% while the odds for triplets is about 1%. But just like players can influence the chances of having a boy or a girl baby, they can also up the chances of multiple births too.

Why do I have 0 funds in Sims 4? ›

Re: Sims 4 - 0 funds

Please go into Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 and trash the Options. ini file then reload your game. You should also move out your Mods folder if you have 3rd party content installed and see if that fixes it.

How do you become a millionaire on Sims 4 without cheats? ›

Sims can either write books and sell them to a publisher for royalties or they can also write jokes. Alternatively, they can put their programming skills to use and even start a video gaming livestream once they're good enough.

Is the Sims still $5? ›

Whether you pick it up on Amazon or on EA's own digital storefront, Origin, the price remains the same $5. It's part of EA's annual spring sale, which the publisher is starting a little early this year due to the worldwide pandemic.

Can you marry rich in Sims 4? ›

If you're satisfied with your spoils and like your new spouse, feel free to live out a happy lifelong marriage in the lap of luxury but if you're feeling a bit evil, you can always arrange an untimely “accident” for them, inherit all their assets, then remarry another wealthy Sim.

Can a Sim become a werewolf? ›

The Sims 4 usually gives you a few different paths towards occult transformation, and becoming a werewolf is no exception. Below we'll outline all the different methods you can use to make your playable Sims into werewolves.

Do vampires age Sims 4? ›

Vampires are immune to normal disease, though female Sims will still suffer morning sickness when they become pregnant. Vampires also never age once they hit Young Adulthood unless you force them to age up. Ergo, vampires will never die of old age. However, vampires are not completely immortal.

What is the cheat to fill thirst in Sims 4? ›

After you enable cheats, you can also shift + click the Sim in-game to "Make Happy," and this will max out your Vampire's Thirst, Energy and other needs.

How do you fill an empty lot on Sims 4? ›

Re: [OPEN] Empty lots wont fill

- If you want Sims to fill empty homes, go to Game Options -> Gameplay -> and check the "Fill Empty Homes" option. Please use that if you still have issues.

How do you add money to Sims? ›

You can do this by opening the cheat box by hitting ctrl + shift + c and then type in testingcheats true to enable cheats. Then you can type in money X and fill the x with the amount of money you wish to have. This could be any amount of money, even 1,000,000 simoleons or 0, it's entirely up to you.

Do vampires live forever Sims 4? ›

Vampires also never age once they hit Young Adulthood unless you force them to age up. Ergo, vampires will never die of old age. However, vampires are not completely immortal. They can still die from downing, fires, electrocution, or other accidents.

Why is Newcrest empty? ›

Newcrest is supposed to be entirely empty lots for you to build your own town (or download buildings/lots from your library or the community gallery). No worries, there is nothing wrong with your game.

Will Sims move into Newcrest? ›

Everyone playing The Sims 4 will be able to start building right away in Newcrest, a completely empty world ready to be settled by your Sims.

Where is the hidden lot in Sims 4? ›

Oasis Springs' secret lot, called Forgotten Grotto, can accessed through an abandoned mine entrance found behind Desert Bloom Park, and Affluista Mansion. Each of the entrances requires Handiness of level 10 to be pried open, and become accessible.


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