What is Minecraft Hypixel and How to Join Server 2022 (2023)

Minecraft Hypixel: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

We will first cover Hypixel's main features before moving on to instructions on how to join this server. Use the table below to read directly through the steps to join the server if you want to know. However, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the features of the server. Let's dive in.

Was ist Minecraft Hypixel?

Minecraft Hypixel is the world's largest Minecraft Java server, used by hundreds of thousands of active players every day. Hypixel started out as a Youtube channel and custom maps collection, but with 4 Guinness World Records under its belt, it has now grown into an independent games studio running this massive server. The server supports 18 languages ​​and its community extends well beyond Minecraft.
There are dedicated social media channels, community forums and an income stream supporting a team of over 60 people. The success of the Minecraft Hypixel server is proof that creating your own Minecraft server is certainly worthwhile. But that's another story and we've already written a detailed guide. First, let's go through all the awesome games that can be played on this server.

Minigames you can play in Minecraft Hypixel

As of April 2022, 19 mini-games are available for Minecraft players on the Hypixel server. Let's go through each of them one by one.

bed wars

In Hypixel Bed Wars, the game spawns you along with four teammates on different islands. Here, players must collect resources and defend their beds. If another player destroys your bed, you cannot respawn after death. So the whole game theme is to defend and destroy beds to kill the other team.

arcade games

As the name suggests, this mini-game is a collection of even smaller, faster-paced games. There are zombies, swords, fights, buildings and all that with fast and fun gameplay.

build fight

This Minecraft Hypixel game gives players a theme with which they have to build the best structure as fast as possible. The different structures are then matched to find the best build. If you are planning to try this game, some of the best Minecraft house ideas might come in handy.


Duels is a simple PVP minigame with different types of cards. These include Skywars, UHC and more with tournament-style gameplay where players compete for the top of the daily leaderboard.

fight in the arena

Similar to Duels, Arena Brawl is a PVP game mode where players can compete against other players and even teams. However, what sets this mini-game apart from others is its focus on swords, each of which has special abilities.

mega walls

This next minigame has gameplay similar to games like Age of Empires. You have a few minutes to gather resources and prepare before the limits fall. Then you have to fight against three teams to survive to the end and defend your castle. There is no respawn and each castle houses a wither that the other teams must kill to ensure victory.

Blitz Survival Games

This PUBG like game simply focuses on the goal of survival. They spawn alongside 16 or 32 players on a variety of maps. Then, as you can imagine, you have to kill other players to be the last one standing and win the game.

Turbo Kart Racer

This game takes Hypixel driving to the next level and offers a complete racing game experience in the world of Minecraft. You get custom skins, resources and more to improve your kart and win the game.

sky wars

Skywars is an update of the already popular game mode called Skyblocks. In both, players spawn on individual floating islands with limited resources. So, not only do you have to avoid falling and dying in Minecraft, but you even have to kill other players to be the last one standing.

Advocate for universal health insurance

UHC is a simple extreme survival mode that gives you new recipes and unique restrictions in a Minecraft custom world. Here, just like regular Minecraft hardcore mode, you have to survive as long as you can.

police officers and criminals

A result of CS:GO's "terrorist and anti-terrorist" concept, Cops and Crims is a tactical shooter in Minecraft Hypixel. Both teams are given weapons, pistols and grenades with the goal of planting or defusing bombs each turn.


This is a fast paced shooter minigame. Here each team is assigned specific colors with a limited number of collective lives. A team tries to kill and take as many lives as possible until no one can respawn on the enemy team.

smash heroes

One of the most entertaining Hypixel Minecraft games is Smash Heroes. Here, players choose one of many heroes with custom abilities to level up. You then have to fight arena battles with other "heroes" to be the last player or team standing.


Bringing back the familiar atmosphere of games like Among Us, this mini-game in Minecraft includes three types of players: murderers, innocents and detectives. The killer tries to kill everyone. Meanwhile, the detective and the innocent try to catch the killer and protect each other.

the tnt games

This Hypixel custom server game is explosive in both nature and gameplay. There are a variety of unique TNT-based sub-games here, each one trying to blow you and your friends up.


Among all the games on the Hypixel Minecraft server, Quakecraft is the fastest. You can opt for a score-based or deathmatch mode. In both modes, the team with the fastest and most accurate assassins wins the match.


If you think Warden is scary in Minecraft, then this dark mini-game might not be to your liking. Take users to a world of vampires where you can join the dark side or try to survive while vampires try to hunt you down.

The walls

This Minecraft Hypixel PvP game offers players 15 minutes of setup time followed by brutal combat. In the first 15 minutes, players can build defenses, craft armor, and weapons. But once the battle begins, it doesn't end until the opposing team is completely eliminated.

Lords of War

Last but not least we have the Warlord mini-game, one of the most famous features on the Hypixel server. With its own 3D weapons, custom sounds, and unique resource pack, it's essentially a new game within Minecraft. It has its own game modes including Domination, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

How to join the Minecraft Hypixel server

The process of joining the Hypixel server is identical to joining any other Minecraft server. But remember that it's exclusive to the Java edition of the game. With that in mind, here are the steps to join the Minecraft Hypixel server.

  1. First, open your Minecraft Java game and select the "Multiplayer" option from the home screen.
  2. Minecraft will then warn you about the risks of joining a third-party online server. Click the Next button after reading the warning.
  3. Now click on the "Add Server" button in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also use the direct connect button if you don't want to save the server to your list.
  4. Each Minecraft server has a unique server address. Hypixel has the following server address: "mc.hypixel.net". Copy and paste them into the Server Address column. The server name can be anything, but make sure the Server Resource Packs option is set to Enabled. After that, click on the "Done" button and you have successfully joined the Hypixel server.

How to play minigames on Hypixel server

When you first join the Hypixel server, things can seem a bit overwhelming. So, follow these steps to easily blend into the world of Minecraft Hypixel.

  1. When you first appear on the server, you may see a variety of players in the same main lobby as you. Here you can right click on the character on your left for a quick guide on how to move around the server.
  2. Next you need to go to the huge sub-portal surrounded by a multitude of statues. Also, feel free to explore the rest of the area based on your interests.
  3. Each statue near the portal represents one of the different game modes we described above. You can find the name of the game along with the number of active players by looking at the statue. Here, right-click the in-game statue that interests you the most to join a game mode.
  4. Alternatively, you can also equip and use the compass in your inventory to quickly select one of Hypixel's games. Once you join the game, the server will guide you through the game.
    Q. Is Hypixel a free game? Anyone who owns the official Minecraft Java Edition game can join the Hypixel server for free. However, there are some paid in-game benefits that players can obtain.
    Q. How many players does Minecraft Hypixel have? At any given time, Hypixel has at least 30,000 players online on the server. So it's never a problem to find new friends.
    Q. I can't join the Hypixel server. Make? You cannot join regular (and better) Minecraft servers like Hypixel in beta versions of Minecraft. Unless you're in a beta, restarting the game usually fixes most issues. But if nothing works, you can visit the official Hypixel forum for solution.Q. Is there a Bedrock Hypixel server? Previously, Hypixel had a Minecraft Bedrock server. But now it's exclusive to the Java edition of Minecraft. Well, that's largely due to the mod differences between Minecraft Java and Bedrock.

Start playing Minecraft Hypixel today

With that, you are now ready to hop onto the ever-popular Hypixel server and start your new Minecraft life. But definitely invite your friends to enjoy the amazing modes and gameplay on this server. Its exciting features have only been made possible with the help of many Minecraft modpacks. You can install some of them to get a similar experience in your offline world. However, make sure you have Forge in Minecraft on your PC because you can use it to run mods in the game. When adding things to Minecraft, make sure you also install Optifine for Minecraft to improve performance and improve FPS. Whether you play offline or online, Optifine can also help you enhance your experience with some of the best Minecraft shaders. With that out of the gate, I can't wait to get back to Minecraft Hypixel's Skywars. But which minigame on this server are you looking forward to the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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